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HARVESTER Bikes Unboxing New Monza 24" BMX

Harvester Bikes is a legendary BMX Shop in Toronto serving the BMX community in Canada and abroad. Here you can see them unboxing and reviewing the brand new 2022 model Monza 24" BMX Cruiser. Great review from a true rider that shows you how to assemble the bike and also gives you a complete walk-through of all the components on our new BMX. 

Check out the video or read the transcription below.



What's up guys. We finished up this Monza cruiser unboxing, shout out to Monza for sending this to us so we can review it and show you some parts. I'll start at the top.

We have the tange Monza grips. We have a diacomp cleaver, these are the nine-inch Monza handlebars - they're beautiful. We have this really cool one and one eight Monza stem super shiny. The original v1 version had a one inch stem, so this is a big upgrade with the one and one eight, it's gonna be a lot stronger. Gonna be able to thrash this thing.

Tange four cap, sealed headset, the Monza badge on the front. Some other cool features on this frame: The original Monza v1 24 inch cruiser at 21.6 top tube, and now this new version has a 22.5 top tube. So it's a lot longer and again you have the nine inch bar so that makes it pretty tall too. It's gonna be a really comfortable ride.

These are tange full chromoly forks. Check out these really thick dropouts on the forks, they're super strong so that's a big upgrade on the new model. Kenda tire, we have Skyway mag wheels, nice tires on the front.

These are the Monza pedals, we have these cool cranks, with this pretty cool sprocket gold chain wheel. This crazy chain it's probably one of the best parts, spike beautiful chain. Some stickers over there cool brake system tange clamp.

We have the regular seat post as well as this bike comes with a laid back post. We have the Monza seat, another cool Kenda tire on the back.

Some other key features is again this bike has v brakes, they're the Diacomp Vc733 brake and the original bike had caliper brakes so this is a huge upgrade.

And then we have a nice loud freewheel on the back and just some Monza etching on the frame and again a skyway mag. So this thing is absolutely beautiful.

Comment below your thoughts and make sure to check out our Monza build from a couple years ago this is the v2 version. So thanks for watching check out some more old school builds as well above. See you guys.

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