Monza ready for summer time !

We are getting ready to ship the bikes in March ! See below delivery schedule update and a last call for remaining bikes to pre-order;


All 26" bikes are in our Nevada warehouse now and getting sorted out and ready to be shipped out within 10 days. 


The 24" bikes are in Port of Long Beach California and released from customs. Remains the final delivery to our Nevada warehouse this week and shipments to your doorstep will be performed mid to end of March.  


Last call for pre-order out of total 1160 bikes made ;

  • Monza 24" BMX Metallic Black with Skyway Tuffs/Black ; 20 bikes left 
  • Monza 24" BMX White with Skyway Tuffs/White; Less than 50 bikes left
  • Monza 26" BMX Gold ; 5 bikes left  
  • Monza 26" Metallic Black with Gold Rims ; 10 bikes left
  • Monza 26" White with Gold rims ;  Less than 60 bikes left

For more information on all models availabilities contact us at 

Stay tuned, next news from Monza will be your tracking number for the home delivery of your summer ride !

Don´t sleep on it , get your Monza ride now

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