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monza bmx 24 inch

Monza 24” BMX has been nominated as Best Vintage BMX by Bicycling magazine. On their list of best BMX bikes of 2021 Monza was awarded the number one spot for Vintage BMX.

When listing the best BMX brands of the year Bicycling.com looked at BMX bikes in six different categories. By reviewing Race bikes, Dirt bikes, Street bikes, Park bikes, Retro bikes and Freestyle bikes the magazine listed the Top 10 BMX of 2021.  

Monza 24" BMX

Monza 24” BMX is a retro BMX bike inspired by early ‘80s BMX cruisers. A daily driver made for cruising down the street or along the beach. Monza BMX bikes are manufactured in limited runs and are equipped with some of the most iconic BMX components, as well as modern upgrades for guaranteed durability such as integrated threadless headset and a rear V-brake for optimal stopping power. With classic 24" Skyway Tuff Wheels, bear trap pedals, Comp III tires and Tange BMX grips you can relive the BMX rides of your youth. Monza 24 inch BMX bikes are available in Metallic Black and Chrome frames with black or white mags. New for the season is Monza 26” BMX cruiser which has the same look and feel as the Monza 24” BMX. The cruiser-sized 26 inch BMX cruiser is designed to be more comfortable on longer rides with longer top tube design and classic double wall aluminum rims.

The Story of Monza BMX

We were out drinking with friends and started talking about our childhood and our secret BMX club in the ‘80s. Bach then we rode our BMX bikes together, exploring the neighborhood looking for adventure. We were best buddies and nothing could stop us. We started exploring old school BMX bikes online and put together sketches of the ultimate BMX bike with all the classic components. We reached out to several manufacturers and finally managed to convince legendary tubing maker Tange to produce the first edition of the Monza BMX. Today we have sold 1000s of bikes to great people around the world. The BMX club has been resurrected. Get your Monza BMX and join the ride!

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