24 inch BMX cruisers are great for those that want to find the happy medium between a "little kids" 20 inch BMX bike and an "adult" bike. 24 inch BMX bikes will give you the ability to cruise around, ride some ramps, jump some curbs and do some tricks yet give you much more room than the typical 20 inch BMX bike.

Monza 26 inch BMX has the same long top tube but with a size advantage in its taller standover height which gives you a more comfortable riding position and takes you on that longer cruise. 

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26" Monza BMX Chrome26" Monza BMX Chrome
26" Monza BMX Chrome
Sale price$695.00
26" Monza BMX WHITE26" Monza BMX WHITE
26" Monza BMX WHITE
Sale price$695.00
Sold out
26" Monza BMX GOLD26" Monza BMX GOLD
26" Monza BMX GOLD
Sale price$895.00
26" Monza BMX Metallic Black26" Monza BMX Metallic Black
24" Monza BMX Chrome with Skyway Black24" Monza BMX Chrome with Skyway Black
24" Monza BMX WHITE  with Skyway White24" Monza BMX WHITE  with Skyway White
Sold out
24" Monza BMX GOLD  with Skyway Black24" Monza BMX GOLD  with Skyway Black
24" Monza BMX Metallic Black24" Monza BMX Metallic Black

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