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Pick Of The Week: Diamond Back Silver Streak

Diamond Back BMX

Diamond Back (DB) was founded in the late 1970s by a small west coast distribution company called Western States Industries (WSI) that originally sold Centurion-branded road bikes but became interested in BMX. DB created this particular bike as an entry- level, affordable, chrome-finished race bike in 1981. DB had planned to reveal the bike for the first time at a BMX race in San Diego, California, in the summer of 1981, where BMX Action magazine photographers would be on hand to take photos of it. Sandy Finkleman - owner of local bike shop Wheels 'n Things and also DB's race team manager - reportedly dubbed the bike the Silver Streak just two hours before it went on show for the very first time at the race.

Photo and text from Rad Rides: The Best BMX Bikes of All Time

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